[luv-talk] Natural language processing was ( Re: How best to move system to SSD)

Rohan McLeod rhn at jeack.com.au
Tue Jun 10 17:02:22 EST 2014

Jason White wrote:
> Rohan McLeod <rhn at jeack.com.au> wrote:
>> I would be interested to hear about the thesis of your Ph D;
>> and your ideas concerning the above problems
> My research is concerned with basic questions about how to construct a
> semantic theory of any given language. There are foundational disagreements in
> this area concerning the limits of semantic analysis, which I seek to address
> by investigating Robert Brandom's "inferentialist" theory of meaning.

So would this have implications for the problem of constructing 'the 
meaning of a sentence';
given the meaning of it's constituent words ?

> I think modern formal logic and philosophy have made real progress in
> analyzing and specifying the semantics of natural language. Some of this
> insight has been applied to computational problems, but there is much progress
> remaining to be made on both the theoretical side and in computational
> applications.

Do you think that the search engine problem might be broken into two parts:

1/ A precise symbolic way of expressing a complex search pattern;

say analogous to a 'regular expression' formula

2/  A 'short, simple sentence; natural language processing' algorithm;

which then constructs sequences of such symbolic search formulas;
equivalent to the disambiguated natural language sentence ?

> Search engines use statistical techniques rather than logic-based semantics to
> process queries.

Do you see a place for neural-nets in this area ?

                              regards Rohan McLeod

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