eth1 link to satellite modem keeps dropping out

zlinew9 at zlinew9 at
Wed Dec 28 20:20:06 AEDT 2016

On 28.12.2016 19:44, Russell Coker wrote:
> On Wednesday, 28 December 2016 5:15:11 PM AEDT Ray via luv-main wrote:
>> The motherboard is an ASUS X58 which is about 5 years old and has two
>> ethernet RJ45 sockets on it, disabling the first one (eth0) had no
>> effect.
> Try the other port.  If that doesn't work then try another Ethernet 
> cable.  If
> that doesn't work try connecting another PC to the PC in question with
> Ethernet and see if that works, maybe the satellite device has Ethernet
> hardware issues.

Many thanks for the replies from both James and Russell. There's no 
indication in the logs that ppp is causing the issue, in fact one can 
see ppp shutting down the link while the system itself is shutting down. 
The cable now THERE"S an idea its an old second hand item and probably 
the first port of call, its also slightly to short and is applying some 
preesure to the modem.Trying another port or even one an extension card 
will be no issue as I have a new one spare for this job in case I needed 


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