Every 2 Minutes cronjob

David Zuccaro david.zuccaro at optusnet.com.au
Thu Dec 22 19:13:21 AEDT 2016

On 22/12/16 18:57, Morrie Wyatt via luv-main wrote:
> Or add "> /tmp/scap.debug 2>&1" to the end of your crontab line
> to capture any outout and error messages.

I captured the error output and got:

 > No protocol specified
 > giblib error: Can't open X display. It *is* running, yeah?

This is what scap does:

DISPLAY=:0 /usr/bin/scrot 'scap-%Y-%m-%d-%H:%M.jpg' -q 70 -e 'mv $f 
/home/dz/shots/; chown dz.dz /home/dz/shots/$f' > /tmp/scap.debug 2>&1

Yes it's a screen capture script.

Am I setting DISPLAY properly?



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