OpenDKIM and Postfix configuration question

Jason White jason at
Sun Dec 18 02:23:00 AEDT 2016

Peter Ross via luv-main <luv-main at> wrote:
> I thought of the same, signing on the laptop or using VPN (so you have
> a fixed address). Both of them may be considered if everything else
> fails.

This is indeed an option. Mobile phones and tablets make this more complicated
of course.
> However, I read the opendkim.conf manpage back and forth and cannot
> find a way of trusting SASL submissions.
> However, there is dkimproxy (I have not used yet, I have to say). It
> looks to me as it could do the job for you, if you want to "mask" all
> mail authenticated by SASL.

Thank you - I'll look at it when time permits. This may be a solution.

>From a laptop, my current solution is to access the server via ssh, run Mutt
(which is what I would be using anyway), and write the mail directly on the
server - again, not good for mobile devices unless I find an accessible ssh
client for them that works with my assistive technologies (another challenge).

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