expanding Europe's Linux Presentation Day to Australia

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Am Mittwoch, 30. November 2016, 16:03:09 CET schrieb Russell Coker:
> On Tuesday, 29 November 2016 9:31:30 PM AEDT Hauke Laging via luv-main 
> > You can find a longer description of the concept here:
> > 
> > http://www.linux-presentation-day.org/idea/
> http://www.softwarefreedomday.org/
> This sounds a lot like the Software Freedom Day that we have done in the
> past.

I don't know anything about the SFD in Australia but in Germany the SFD and 
LPD are nothing alike. We had the "Why not use the SFD for this?" discussion 
when planning the first LPD.

Here in Germany the SFD has collapsed to a very small event. Last year there 
was only one big SFD event in this 82 mil people country. In addition there 
were three small ones (inclluding Berlin). In our experience the SFD never 
attracts non-Linux users. And that is not surprising considering the event 
name and its agenda. It's a day for the community to celebrate itself. And 
that is OK. We have choosen a different date for the autumn LPD so that the 
community does not lose "their own" event.

The media do not cover the SFD (not even the big event) because hardly anyone 
knows what "free software" is. Many people are familiar with the term "open 
source" but if a journalist doesn't understand the headline then he doesn't 
ask. It doesn't make sense to be politically correct and talk about "free 
software" if the target audience doesn't understand it. "Linux" is the strong 
brand. That is the (only) term journalists and the target audience react upon. 
Thus we use Linux in order to spread the idea of free software whereas the SFD 
(in our impression) completely fails in doing that the other way round.

> I think it would be good if we could be involved in this.  But if it
> happens twice a year and we have SFD as well that makes 3 events in
> addition to our regular meetings.  I'm not sure we can manage that well.

There is no need for participating in both events. In Italy there is a huge 
Linux event in October so noone participates in the autumn LPD. Some of the 
German hosting organizations have decided to have just one event per year. The 
only big SFD event in Germany simply integrates the LPD although the date does 
not really fit. They have just added one day. In general the LPD is just 
opportunity, not obligation.

And there may be other organizations in your area which are not interested in 
the SFD but might participate in the autumn LPD. We expect that one location 
per (large) city will not be enough as soon as the (nationwide) media start 
really covering the LPD. In Germany we have as hosting organizations: Linux 
user groups, other non-commercial associations (mainly hackerspaces), adult 
education centres, companies, universities, and schools.

And: After getting used to it (i.e. the second or third event) organizing the 
LPD can be *extremely* simple. We have spent about *one hour* each for 
preparing the last two BeLUG LPD events.

We just learnt the rather surprising fact that it is not more expensive to 
send stuff to Australia from here than sending it to France... Thus we would 
send you some posters, stickers, and the like free of charge.



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