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Craig Sanders cas at taz.net.au
Tue Dec 22 07:35:44 AEDT 2015

On Mon, Dec 21, 2015 at 11:25:29AM +1100, Trent W. Buck via luv-main wrote:
> One thing rsnapshot does reasonably well is faking multiple tape
> rotations within the snapshot set.  e.g. you say "1 yearly, 2 monthlies,
> and 7 dailies", and it works out which snapshots to expire.
> I don't know how to do that in btrfs/zfs land.

personally, i rolled my own simple snapshot rotation script for zfs, but
One Of These Days i'll probably switch to either zfsnap:

Package: zfsnap
Version: 1.11.1-3
Installed-Size: 48
Maintainer: John Goerzen <jgoerzen at complete.org>
Architecture: all
Depends: zfs-fuse | zfsutils | zfs, bc
Description-en: Automatic snapshot creation and removal for ZFS
 zfSnap is a simple sh script to make rolling zfs snapshots with cron. The main
 advantage of zfSnap is it's written in 100% pure /bin/sh so it doesn't require
 any additional software to run.
 zfSnap keeps all information about snapshot in snapshot name.
 zfs snapshot names are in the format of Timestamp--TimeToLive.
 Timestamp includes the date and time when the snapshot was created and
 TimeToLive (TTL) is the amount of time for the snapshot to stay alive before
 it's ready for deletion.
Description-md5: 43c80483bf622b9e3c64221fe60f1f09
Homepage: https://github.com/graudeejs/zfSnap

there are several similar snapshotting tools available, easily found
with googling for 'zfs snapshot'.

BTW, see also simplesnap:

Package: simplesnap
Version: 1.0.3
Maintainer: John Goerzen <jgoerzen at complete.org>
Architecture: all
Depends: zfs-fuse | zfsutils | zfs, liblockfile-bin
Suggests: zfsnap
Description-en: Simple and powerful network transmission of ZFS snapshots
 simplesnap is a simple way to send ZFS snapshots across a net-
 work. Although it can serve many purposes, its primary goal is
 to manage backups from one ZFS filesystem to a backup filesystem
 also running ZFS, using incremental backups to minimize network
 traffic and disk usage.
 simplesnap it is designed to perfectly compliment
 snapshotting tools, permitting rotating backups with arbitrary
 retention periods. It lets multiple machines back up a single
 target, lets one machine back up multiple targets, and keeps it
 all straight.
 simplesnap is easy; there is no configuration file needed. One
 ZFS property is available to exclude datasets/filesystems. ZFS
 datasets are automatically discovered on machines being backed
 simplesnap  is robust in the face of interrupted
 transfers, and needs little help to keep running.
 nlike many similar tools, simplesnap does not
 require full root access to the machines being backed up. It
 runs only a small wrapper as root, and the wrapper has only three
 commands it implements.
Homepage: https://github.com/jgoerzen/simplesnap


craig sanders <cas at taz.net.au>

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