Is my root partition dying?

Russell Coker russell at
Mon Dec 21 13:47:46 AEDT 2015

On Mon, 21 Dec 2015 12:39:37 PM Rick Moen via luv-main wrote:
> A second matching mass-storage device is normally such cheap insurance
> that, on any host more substantive than a laptop, I would say insist on
> RAID1ing any directory trees you care about, and just RAID1ing everything
> if you can reasonably do so.

RAID-1 or ZFS with copies=2 on a laptop will save you from many situations of 
data loss or corruption.

I have my clients give me SATA disks that have bad sectors and are therefore 
unsuitable for use in servers.  I make them BTRFS RAID-1 and they work fine for 
me as backup disks.  Most such disks only ever have about 50 bad sectors and 
RAID-1 covers that nicely.

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