Is my root partition dying?

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Sat Dec 19 07:51:58 AEDT 2015

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> On 17/12/15 20:00, Robert Parker via luv-main wrote:
>> Too true Craig.
>> I do my regular backup without the --delete option but then log what
would have been deleted otherwise.
>> From time to time I follow that by viewing the log with the cache crap
filtered out and when I am happy that the potential deletions are what I
intended I run rsync using --delete to get rid of the nonsense.
> The problem with this approach is that if you need to do a full restore
you will have to restore the cruft and have no way of distinguishing it
from the non-cruft.
> These are the options I use:
> nice rsync -avgSH --delete --delete-excluded --ignore-errors
--delete-after --exclude-from="/sbin/dzexlist" \
> / "$dest_dir"bu | tee -a /var/log/dzbu/$logfname
"$dest_dir"log/$logfname    # copy changed files
> Anyone know where I can buy a >= 2TB disk in the Elwood ?

CentreCom at the bottom end of Glenhuntly Rd in Elsternwick is close.
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