Is my root partition dying?

Russell Coker russell at
Thu Dec 17 21:33:34 AEDT 2015

On Thu, 17 Dec 2015 02:23:12 PM Joel W. Shea via luv-main wrote:
> I'd like to add that a mirror isn't a reliable backup; regardless of
> that mirror being RAID, or scheduled synchronisation.

There are a variety of backup systems that start with rsync and manage trees 
of links.  It's not difficult to write your own, rsync the files, run "cp -al" to 
make a copy with hard links and use today's date in the directory name, and 
then delete backup directories that are too old.

What I'm doing for backups at the moment is to rsync to files on a BTRFS 
filesystem and then create a snapshot.  If I want to retrieve a file that was 
deleted then I just copy it from a suitably old snapshot.

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