No Victoria in Debian testing?

Graeme Cross gcross at
Thu Feb 23 13:09:50 EST 2012

Hi all.

Has anyone done a recent install from a Debian testing/wheezy ISO and
found that Victoria has disappeared?

I am in the process of doing one at the moment, using the text
installer, and Victoria is not listed as a timezone option (see the
attached screenshot).

I selected "Australia" as the country earlier in the install, and there
is no scrolling option for this dialog box (ie. Victoria is not hiding
at the end of a scrolling list of states & territories).

This install is with the most recent build of the testing netinst.iso
(from 22 Feb,

Has anyone else observed this or have I screwed up the install process
somehow? I thought I would ask here before reporting it as a bug.

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