[luv-announce] LUV Main April 2017 Meeting: SageMath / Simultaneous multithreading

Andrew Pam andrew at sericyb.com.au
Wed Mar 22 23:22:46 AEDT 2017

Start: Apr 4 2017 18:30
End: Apr 4 2017 20:30
Location: The Dan O'Connell Hotel, 225 Canning Street, Carlton VIC 3053


Tuesday, April 4, 2017
6:30 PM to 8:30 PM
The Dan O'Connell Hotel
225 Canning Street, Carlton VIC 3053


• Adetokunbo "Xero" Arogbonlo, SageMath
• Stewart Smith, Simultaneous multithreading

Adetokunbo "Xero" Arogbonlo, SageMath

SageMath is FOSS mathematics software. Big understatement! It is a
confederation of some of the best FOSS tools for mathematics and
scientific computing. Some of the tools that make up SageMath include:
Jupyter notebook, Maxima, GLPK, Gniac, Numpy, R, Scipy, GAP, FLINT,
Sympy, Macaulay2, Blas, Atlas and Lapack to mention but a few. SageMath
brings all these tools (complete and successful programs in their own
right) into a single environment with a uniform interface and one simple
language to bind them all: Python.

SageMath is used in a wide range of fields by people of varying levels
of education and expertise. It is used in cryptography, mathematics
research, engineering, undergraduate courses and even high school.  The
development of Sagemath is very active with multiple releases every
year.  This talk will present a broad overview of SageMath and some of
its capabilities with live demos.

Xero is currently doing a PhD in Control Theory. He enjoys learning as
well as intellectual challenges.

Stewart Smith, Simultaneous multithreading

Simultaneous multithreading (SMT) is a technique for improving the
overall efficiency of superscalar CPUs with hardware multithreading. SMT
permits multiple independent threads of execution to better utilize the
resources provided by modern processor architectures.  Examples include
Intel's Hyperthreading and IBM POWER CPUs.  Stewart will cover the
attributes of modern CPUs, where we came from and what the future may hold.

Stewart Smith currently works for IBM in the Linux Technology Center on
KVM on POWER and OPAL firmware, giving him a job that is even harder to
explain to non-Linux geek people than ever before. Previously he worked
for Percona as Director of Server Development where he oversaw
development of many of Percona’s software products. He comes from many
years experience in databases and free and open source software development.

He’s often found hacking on free software, taking photos, running,
brewing beer and cycling (yes, all at the same time). He once helped
build a monorail in the middle of the desert.

The Dan O'Connell Hotel, 225 Canning Street, Carlton VIC 3053

Food and drinks will be available on premises.

Before and/or after each meeting those who are interested are welcome to
join other members for dinner.

Linux Users of Victoria Inc., is an incorporated association,
registration number A0040056C.

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