[luv-announce] LUV Main December 2015 Meeting: Maxima / holiday gifts

Andrew Pam andrew at sericyb.com.au
Thu Nov 26 15:32:54 AEDT 2015

Note:  Suggestions and recommendations for Linux related holiday gifts
are welcome, either via email or at the meeting.

Start: Dec 1 2015 18:30
End: Dec 1 2015 20:30
Location: 6th Floor, 200 Victoria St. Carlton VIC 3053
Link: http://luv.asn.au/meetings/map


• Chelton Evans, Maxima
• Andrew Pam, Holiday gift suggestions for Linux lovers

Chelton Evans, Maxima

Maxima is a popular copyleft CAS (Computer Algebra System) which can be
used for both symbolic and numerical calculation. Chelton Evans will
present a series of examples on Maxima's programming language from a
pragmatic view (cheat sheet provided) to show how Maxima can be used:
For example as a calculator, graph plotting, and solving a quadratic
equation. He will offer an introduction to solving an equation f(x)=0
and why this is important. e.g. if a cannon fires - where does it hit?
He will also provide an introduction to Newton's method for calculating
the square root of two and a more complex solver, Newton's method with
third order convergence, with an elementary discussion on numerical
solvers and their merit.

Chelton D. Evans is a teacher of systems administration (particularly
Linux) and programming at RMIT's School of Life and Physical Sciences
(SLAPS). His research interests have for the last five years been
building a higher dimensional calculus of which the standard calculus is
a projection, and a theory of sum and integral convergence at a point at

Andrew Pam, Holiday gift suggestions for Linux lovers

This seems like a good time of year to take a look at all the latest
cool devices that run Linux. Andrew will also mention some of the latest
games that run on Linux.

Andrew Pam first discovered an interest in boolean logic when his mother
carried him in her arms at just the right height to reach light switches
as they passed through doorways. He was lucky enough to go to a school
with an obsolete PDP/8e: switches, lights, core memory, paper tape,
punched cards and all. He first started programming on a TRS-80 model 1
level I and the first computer he owned was a Commodore VIC-20. He has
run the gaming Miniconference at linux.conf.au in the past and enjoys
playing computer games on Linux systems. He is the current president of
Linux Users of Victoria.

200 Victoria St. Carlton VIC 3053 (formerly the EPA building)
Late arrivals, please call (0490) 049 589 for access to the venue.

Before and/or after each meeting those who are interested are welcome to
join other members for dinner. We are open to suggestions for a good
place to eat near our venue. Maria's on Peel Street in North Melbourne
is currently the most popular place to eat after meetings.

LUV would like to acknowledge Red Hat for their help in obtaining the
venue and VPAC for hosting.

Linux Users of Victoria Inc. is an incorporated association,
registration number A0040056C.

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