[luv-announce] LUV Main July 2015 Meeting: Ansible / BTRFS / Educating People to become Linux Users

Andrew Pam andrew at sericyb.com.au
Thu Jul 2 19:41:42 AEST 2015

PLEASE NOTE CHANGE OF TIME. It will not be possible to enter the
building after 8pm.

Start: Jul 7 2015 18:30
End: Jul 7 2015 20:30

Location: Trinity College (former EPA building), 200 Victoria St.
Carlton VIC 3053
Link: http://luv.asn.au/meetings/map


• Andrew Pam, An introduction to Ansible
• Russell Coker, BTRFS update
• Lev Lafayette, Educating People to become Linux Users: Some Key
Insights from Adult Education

Andrew Pam, An introduction to Ansible

Quoting from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ansible_%28software%29

Ansible is a free software platform for configuring and managing
computers. It combines multi-node software deployment, ad hoc task
execution, and configuration management. It manages nodes over SSH or
PowerShell and requires Python (2.4 or later) to be installed on them.
Modules work over JSON and standard output and can be written in any
programming language. The system uses YAML to express reusable
descriptions of systems.

Andrew Pam first discovered an interest in boolean logic when his mother
carried him in her arms at just the right height to reach light switches
as they passed through doorways. He was lucky enough to go to a school
with an obsolete PDP/8e: switches, lights, core memory, paper tape,
punched cards and all. He first started programming on a TRS-80 model 1
level I and the first computer he owned was a Commodore VIC-20.

Russell Coker, BTRFS update

Quoting from https://btrfs.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/Main_Page

Btrfs is a new copy on write (CoW) filesystem for Linux aimed at
implementing advanced features while focusing on fault
tolerance, repair and easy administration. Jointly developed at
Oracle, Red Hat, Fujitsu, Intel, SUSE, STRATO and many others,
Btrfs is licensed under the GPL and open for contribution from

Russell Coker has been working on SE Linux since 2001. He writes most of
the policy for Debian. He has done lots of other Linux development over
the years, mostly involved with Debian development.
Lev Lafayette, Educating People to become Linux Users: Some Key Insights
from Adult Education

We all want people to use Linux in favour of non-FOSS operating systems.
But how do we convince them to do so? Having done so, how do we convince
them to become good computer users who will use their systems in an
effective manner? "User education" is a much-lauded phrase in the IT
world, but in many cases technology specialists have expressed a great
deal of frustration in their attempts. However it doesn't have to be
this way. Key insights from adult education can be applied to Linux user
education successfully. In particular, educators will be successful if
they take a systemic approach to the subject using andragogical
techniques when evaluating the audience, the content, and the delivery.
The end result is users who are motivated, who know what they are
capable of, and have the motivation to find out more.

Lev Lafayette is a committee member and past president of Linux Users of
Victoria who collects postgraduate degrees when not being a political
trouble-maker. He has been involved in computer systems education and
training for quite a while, and in the past few years through his
employment at the Victorian Partnership for Advanced Computing (VPAC)
has conducted such sessions for researchers at the University of
Melbourne, the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, La Trobe
University, the Australian Synchrotron, the University of Sydney, the
Australian Institute of Marine Science, the Australian Institute for
Health Innovation at Macquarie University, the University of New South
Wales... and many other places.

Before and/or after each meeting those who are interested are welcome to
join other members for dinner. We are open to suggestions for a good
place to eat near our venue. Maria's on Peel Street in North Melbourne
is currently the most popular place to eat after meetings.

LUV would like to acknowledge Red Hat for their help in obtaining the
venue and VPAC for hosting.

Linux Users of Victoria Inc. is an incorporated association,
registration number A0040056C.

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