[luv-announce] Notice of additional AGM for LUV, 3-June-2014

Les Kitchen (LUV) ljk+luv at ljk.id.au
Thu May 8 21:59:14 EST 2014

Dear LUV members,

This is to announce that Linux Users of Victoria,
Inc. (registration number A0040056C) will be holding an
additional Annual General Meeting at 7pm on Tuesday, 3rd June,
2014.  The AGM will be held in conjunction with our regular June
Main meeting, at the Buzzard Lecture Theatre, Trinity College
(our usual venue -- see http://luv.asn.au/meetings/map).

The only business to be considered at this additional AGM is the
formal presentation and voting on of an adjusted financial
statement.  This should take only a few minutes.  The rest of
the evening will be our usual June meeting.


The financial statement approved at the last regular AGM, in
September 2013, covered the period from the previous (2012) AGM
up until that 2013 AGM.  We have recently found out that we are
required to submit a properly approved financial statement
covering instead the financial year July 2012 till June 2013.

Even though the financial statements presented and approved at
the 2012 and 2013 AGMs together cover that financial year (all
our activities have thus been reported to members), Consumer
Affairs Victoria (CAV) requires a single financial statement,
properly approved at an AGM, covering the financial year.

We've been advised by CAV that the correct way of achieving this
is to call an additional AGM whose only purpose is to formally
approve the required financial statement, aligned to the
relevant financial year.

It might seem odd to have more than one Annual General Meeting
in a year, but that's how it works.  We are required to have at
least one AGM per year, but it is permissible (and in this case
desirable) to call additional AGMs if necessary to consider
matters that formally require an AGM.

Note, this extra AGM in June is quite separate from our normal
AGM, which will be held in September as is customary.  However,
at the September AGM we'll know to present a financial statement
aligned to the financial year, so this current problem should
never arise again.

Any questions or discussion about this additional AGM would be
best posted to luv-meta at luv.asn.au.

-- Linuxy greetings from your LUV Secretary, Les Kitchen.

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