[luv-announce] Reminder: LUV AGM (3 Sept) and proxies and deadline

Les Kitchen ljk at csse.unimelb.edu.au
Fri Aug 30 22:52:24 EST 2013

Dear LUV members,

This is just a reminder about the LUV AGM next Tuesday (followed
by lightning talks).  See http://luv.asn.au/2013/09/03

If you can't make it to the AGM and still want to vote either
way on the disincorporation resolution, then it is possible to
lodge a proxy form, to empower another LUV member who will be
present to make your vote on your behalf.  Proxies must be
delivered to the LUV Secretary no later than 24 hours before the
meeting, that is by 19:00 on Monday, 2 September 2013.

You can read the current rules yourself at


For your convenience, I've copied into this message the text of
the proxy form, prepopulated with meeting details and the text
of the disincorporation resolution.  (Note that the form in
Appendix 3 is the one applicable to AGMs.)  You will need to
fill this in properly with the names and details of yourself and
the proxy.

Make sure you indicate your vote by deleting either "in favor
of" or "against" in the appropriate line, so that it reads

   My proxy to vote in favor of the following resolution


   My proxy to vote against the following resolution

You can assign your proxy to any LUV member.  However, as we
understand the rules, it can be counted only if that member is
actually present at the AGM.  If you don't know any other member
who you are sure will be at the AGM, then we the committee
suggest that you assign your proxy to the President, Lev
Lafayette, who will surely be there.  As our current rules work,
a member can hold proxies both for and against a resolution, and
vote them accordingly.

If you're sending your proxy by email (as is most likely), then
send the filled-in proxy form to the LUV Secretary
<luv-secretary at luv.asn.au> by the deadline, 19:00, Monday, 2
September 2013.  Please, as best you can:

(1) Send the email from the address under which you're
    registered as a LUV member on luv-announce;

(2) CC a copy to the LUV member to whom you're assigning your
    proxy, to the address under which that member is registered;

(3) Indicate clearly in the Subject header:

    Proxy FOR disincorporation resolution


    Proxy AGAINST disincorporation resolution

Doing the above will expedite processing and collation by your Secretary.

If you have any questions about proxies and the AGM, please post
to luv-main (and check there in case your questions have already
been answered).

Proxy form follows below.  You can copy'n'paste it into your email.

-- All the best, Les Kitchen (as LUV Secretary).


                                 APPENDIX 3

                        FORM OF APPOINTMENT OF PROXY



being a member of

Linux Users of Victoria, Inc.



being a member of that Incorporated Association, as my proxy to
vote for me on my behalf at the annual general meeting of the
Association to be held on -

Tuesday, 3 September 2013 (date of meeting)

and at any adjournment of that meeting.

My proxy to vote in favor of/against* the following resolution

"THAT Linux Users of Victoria, Inc., dis-incorporate in
accordance to the Act, subject to being accepted as a
subcommittee of Linux Australia, Inc."

______________________________________________ Signed

______________________________________________ Date

* Delete if not applicable


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