[luv-announce] Reminder: LUV committee nominations close at midnight, 27 August

Les Kitchen ljk at csse.unimelb.edu.au
Tue Aug 27 12:20:00 EST 2013

This is just a reminder to all members that nominations for LUV
office bearers and ordinary committee members must be received
by the LUV Secretary by *midnight* tonight.  At this point, the
best way of doing that is by email to

   luv-secretary at luv.asn.au

A candidate needs nominations from two LUV members, and must
also give consent.  That can be done by three separate email
messages.  Alternatively, one of the members concerned can send
a combination email containing the two nomination statements and
consent.  In that case I would recommend cc'ing the other
members concerned, as a convenient way of indicating their

I should also point out that self-nomination is not forbidden.
So, at a minimum, a nomination requires just two members, the
self-nominating candidate, and one other member.

The association's rules can be found at


In particular, note Section 23, Election of officers and
ordinary committee members, in which email is taken to be "in
writing" and should be sent to

   luv-secretary at luv.asn.au

-- Smiles, Les (as LUV Secretary).

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