I've joined today as well.  You can just sideload the APK.  Just google Ingress APK and you can download it.  The latest version is 1.0.8

Yes, Enlightened it is. And it looks fun!


On Dec 5, 2012 5:26 PM, "Russell Coker" <russell@coker.com.au> wrote:
On Sat, 17 Nov 2012, Aryan Ameri <info@ameri.me> wrote:
> Of course there is an easy way around it. Download and Install 'Market
> Enabler' on your phone (if it is rooted) and then you can impersonate any
> country/carrier combination. That will let you install Ingress from the
> Play Store, though you still need an invite code once it loads to get in.

I've got an invitation, but the app market still says that it's not available
for my region.

I've searched for "market enabler" on the Google Play Store but didn't find
anything.  Do you have a Play Store URL for it?

Also do you still prefer Enlightened?

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