On Sat, Nov 24, 2012 at 1:45 PM, Trent W. Buck <trentbuck@gmail.com> wrote:
Brent Wallis wrote:
> Perhaps....but "don;t be evil" used to be Googles mantra....their
> words, their "rule to live by"...


Perhaps you have not been around this Internet thingy for a long time:

AFAIK Google have always made their money selling eyeballs to
advertisers.  If you can't distinguish PR bullshit like their
"unofficial motto" from reality, there's not much hope for you.
O' contraire wantok.
I am simply  throwing back a mantra that was used to elevate them.
That  early meme is a classic "spin" that was successful because it relied on the collective "short" memory.

Get focussed..., your smarter than that....do you think Google paying $70,000 in tax in this country is fair???


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