Hi All

Now it is time to see if I have learned anything.

1Tb SSD and 2 x 2Tb SATA HDDs, motherboard is a UEFI board but I have never used UEFI with this board.

Ubuntu desktop obviously ignored it.

Using Gparted partition the SSD thus:

512MB EFI Partition dev/sda1, formatted FAT32, primary       (boot?)
8 Gb allocated to SWAP

rest of the disk /dev/sda2, primary, formatted btrfs mounted as /

Partition the first HDD /dev/sdb1 primary, formatted btrfs , mounted as /data

Second HDD same size leave completely blank

Remove the gparted disk and insert the Ubuntu Server disk commence the install

Install the system and add the GUI using tasksel

After the system is installed add the second HDD with two lines in the terminal

          sudo btrfs device add -f /dev/sdc1 /data

          sudo btrfs balance start -dconvert=raid1 -mconvert=raid1 /data

Enjoy the set up.

Please add any corrections.

The reason I choose to use the g-parted step is because the ubuntu partitioner was difficult to use.