Hi Mark,

Have you considered Digikam ( https://digikam.org) ?  It has a Batch Queue Manager with which you can bulk resize as well as lots of photo editing facilities.  I use it for almost all of my photography stuff now.


On 14/05/17 17:55, Mark Trickett via luv-main wrote:
Hello All,

I am wanting to cut the file size of photos from my phone. I have
tried opening in GIMP, but takes a bit of mousing and clicking around,
and even saving/exporting several times to get the size down. I think
the imagemagik suite should be able to do, but my reading of the man
pages does not make it apparent to me. They talk of resizing, but it
looks like the linear extent, rather than loosing some detail of the
same extent of image. I would appreciate any contributions.


Mark Trickett
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