Dear Colleagues,

You're receiving this email as we've identified you as a key stakeholder in our bid to host in Geelong in 2015, or have previously indicated to us that you'd like to be kept informed of developments here.

So, where are we at?

With incredible assistance from Mr Terry Hickey at Business Events Geelong - part of Geelong Otway Tourism, we now have indicative quotes from venues for conference events such as the Penguin Dinner, Professional Delegates' Networking Session and Speaker Dinner, and have a proposed conference date range (12-16th Jan 2015). Deakin University's Events area has been amazingly helpful - many thanks Luke O'Brien and team - and we have been able to put together a viable set of venues to cater for the different conference streams, including Costa Hall. Work is progressing on diversity aspects of the conference planning such as the Partners' Programme and childcare.

Our budget for the event has gone through scenario modelling, and is with an experienced member of Linux Australia Council for review (many thanks Josh Hesketh and Josh Stewart for your efforts here). Financially we are looking solid, with an estimated budget of approximately $400k - which would be incredibly welcome in the Geelong economy given the recent contraction of major industry players such as Ford and Target in the region.

The conference project plan has been drafted, and a work breakdown structure produced which will go through iterative refinement as planning progresses.

These documents are publicly available on Google Docs and we're very happy to share - just let myself or David know and we'll send you the link.

The bottom line

The bottom line is that we are finalising a substantive, genuine, well put together bid - which will be submitted by the Linux Australia deadline of 8th July.

What happens next?

Word has it that there are several bids for 2015 in the pipeline - including Auckland and Hobart. The Linux Australia Council will meet to consider all submitted bids after 6th July where they will make a shortlist of bids. Then, they will visit each shortlisted bid city over August and September to investigate the venues, accommodation and facilities and will make a final decision around October-November 2013. The winning bid will then be announced at 2014 in Perth in early January.

As a final word, I'd like to again thank you for all your support in encouraging David and I to make the bid - it's very much appreciated.

Our next communication will likely be sometime after 6th July when we know whether the Geelong bid has made the shortlisting cut.

As always your feedback, comments and questions are warmly welcomed,
Kind regards,
Kathy Reid and David Bell

Kathy Reid
@KathyReid on Twitter/ etc
0418 130 636