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For me it's basically all good as long as the Packers lose. In my experience the Packers, Bears, Saints, and Patriots have a disproportionately high number of crappy and/or annoying fans, while the Broncos fans became annoying with the arrival of Manning (nothing against the Broncos or Manning per se, but a lot of Manning fanboys really grind my gears) and Seahawks fans attract the whole middle-school contingent.


Honestly, I would not object to the Lions winning the Superbowl. While I would prefer to see the Vikings win a Superbowl before the Lions win one, the loyalty of Lions fans is admirable and they hate the Packers as much as we do. We all know for a fact that Lions fans aren't going to pull that stupid "HUR DUR DUR DAE VIKINGS NO SUPERBOWLS GODGERZ OMGZ" routine that all too many Packer fans pull. That's not their style. There is not an ounce of bad blood between our fanbases. Besides, if the Lions win the Superbowl, it means that the Packers can't win the Superbowl and they're not the best team in the division. It'd cut those cocky cheeseheads back down to size and potentially kill the Packers circlejerk in the media. And it would piss off Joe Buck. There's a lot of upsides to the Lions winning the Superbowl.